E.T. Pearl's "Play 'em Both Plan"

If you're interested in a plan for a state basketball tournament in Indiana that would accomplish all the things below in a feasible and reasonable manner, then read on by clicking the links below:

-- Satisfy both the traditonalists and the supporters of the class tournament;
-- Generate almost twice as much revenue as the current system;
-- Restore all the old backyard sectional rivalries without disturbing the newer ones;
-- Allow all state champions to have won their final game (no "bad taste in their mouths," as with the Tournament of Champions);
-- Retain the basic structure and format of both the traditional and class tourneys;
-- Be applicable not only to both boys and girls basketball, but also to softball, baseball, volleyball and perhaps other sports;
-- Not disrupt anyone's current regular-season schedules (no midseason state tourney).

The Plan
Dropdowns and Carryovers
The Plan at a Glance (chart)
Research Results
What Happens When ...
Jim Peters' column
Al Lesar's column